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Welcome to


the first International Model United Nations in the Maldives




For over 80 years simulation programs have been held in multiple nations across the globe, providing the noteworthy platform for the youth population ever since the first world war in 1923.


To establish the diplomacy and the leadership while enhancing their potential to tackle the social and international affairs in benefit to nation and the world in the near future.



MUN conference is open for the youth population of the host coutry. Usually involving youth of the host country, this conference also plays a role in collaborating with students beyong their borders to broaden their ideology. 


Executive Committee (EXCO) – The main responsibility of the Executive Committee is to oversee the debate and to ensure that decorum is maintained and the Rules of Procedures are followed at all times. The members for EXCO are selected through interviews.

Delegates – They are representatives of countries in each committiee. Each country will be represented by one delegate and will be allowed one vote in their respective committees. Delegates are expected to do their research well according to their topics given beforehand and present their countries stance at the conference.

Admins – They are  expected to take care of documents, type up resolution, print resolution and any other materials required by the head table. All communications in a formal session between delegates apart from the formal debates are channeled through admins as delegates are no allowed to communicate directly with each other during the session. 



The intended outcome of introducing the Model United Nations to a nation, is paving the path for more conferences in the near future.  

'At Model UN, you broaden your horizons. By learning and networking, you can be part of the UN’s efforts to establish peace, secure human rights and enable all people to live in dignity.'

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António Guterres, 24 January 2017

United Nations Secretary-General

Introducing MVMUN

Model United Nations Conference is a simulation of a conference between the youth that follows the principles and the purposes of the United Nations. This conference conducted and aimed towards the youth population, is scheduled to take place during August of this year. Renamed as Maldives Model United Nations (MVMUN), it will mark the first ever nationwide Model United Nations Conference in this country.

MVMUN will be open for ages of 14-25 of the youth community across the Maldives. Participants reviewed, are to have the level of boldness, desire and confidence to tackle and resolve major world and local problems being presented at the conference. Most students at MVMUN will be participating as delegates, each representing one country’s stance within their committee.

This year will embark the first ever nation-wide Model United Nations conference hosted by this country, the Republic of Maldives. A nation of atolls spread across the Indian Ocean with a youth community of a diverse ideology, The Maldives Model United Nations (MVMUN) is set to commence August of this year. Campaigning under the slogan ‘Challenge the limits’, this conference will mark the inception of future development of our nation.

MVMUN tests several aspects of a student’s personality and skills. During the assemblies the delegates are to present modesty and patience towards presenting their viewpoint and concessions in the means of striving for a greater goal. Also the ability to bring about diverse opinions into a more unified discussion, must be one of the key presentations by the delegates. After discussion the delegates are to produce a resolution dependent on the current affairs, inclusion of diverse opinions and the significance of these opinions. The ability of public speaking through boldness and confidence, and responsivity to questions and obstacles will be tested towards the delegates of the conference. To practice these characteristics in the youth are to establish a more civil and unite community within our small Maldivian society towards the years to come.

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“We do not need magic to change the world, we carry all the power we need inside ourselves already; we have the power to imagine better” – J.K Rowling –


I am extremely honored to serve as the Secretary General of the first ever Maldives Model United Nations as we count the days towards the inaugural session. Model United Nations is the perfect platform for both youth and students to express themselves and voice theirs opinion on disputes that we are facing across the globe. Taking part in this conference would not only open your eyes to the problems that people face all over the world but it will also educate the youth to make critical decisions for the betterment of their future as well as their nations. Delegates are bound to understand issues that are within and beyond the spectrum of understanding national and international politics.


Maldives Model United Nation will provide the youth of Maldives with the unique opportunity to cultivate their leadership skills which will guarantee that they carry on with these qualities which will result in a nation richly educated in current affairs and moreover, a more educated globe. The conference would consist of 8 committees, discussing global issues ranging from topics related to the environment to social and humanitarian rights, as well as economical concerns, with an estimated 525 delegates and 40 admins.


While Model United Nations primarily focuses on discussions on global issues, I believe that it is also one of the ideal pathways to make friends nationwide. The exposure and opportunity to work together to come up with what we call a ‘resolution’ is invaluable.


Regardless of whether one wants to pursue his or her career in diplomatic relations or international affairs, Model United Nations offers youth and students a stage to develop critical decision making and public speaking skills which would prove to be useful not only during school and university but through out their lives.


We all look forward to a fruitful two day conference, with heated debate, intense diplomacy and an overall undoubtedly thrilling experience for both the delegates and the EXCO members of the first ever Model United Nations Conference held in the country. I would like to encourage all the delegates to give their best in all session and debates and do their research well. Goodluck!


Alya Ali Rasheed

Secretary General of Youth Model United Nations – Maldives

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First and foremost, let me welcome you all to the first ever nationwide Maldives Model United Nations, where youthful young leaders will take up roles to change the most serious issues worldwide. As a MUN provides the ultimate pathway to diplomacy, this is where diplomacy and humanity come in unison to create the most effective solutions.


This upcoming conference, will no doubt take you to lengths in advancing your leadership skills and critical thinking. However, in my honest opinion what it will effect most is to show you young leaders, the ability and potential inside you to make a difference. It will show you the most profound skills you have when it comes to the most advanced and intense topics and will give you an environment which will allow you to engage with differing view points humbly only to bring about the solutions together.


To bring you all such a platform remains as the highest honor I have ever received. As MVMUN 2017 brings together an entire nation to fight for this world, it is more inspiring that this experience will change us all from within as well.


We are the face of the world, we are the leaders of tomorrow and with that thought in mind I urge you all to bring your truest most natural self and your fierce potential to create an impact, to move hearts and to induce hope not only in this country but in this world. Let your work light the most darkest of the roads that open new ways to make this world a better place for all of us.


To serve as the Director General in this first ever Maldives Model United Nations, is my utmost pleasure. Hence, I would take up this role and with the help of this excellent team, we will bring you an experience of a lifetime. We are very much looking forward to working with all of you and engaging in what we know will be a truly remarkable conference.


Suha Ali

Director General of Maldives Model United Nations 2017

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Having a Model United Nations career stretched for over six years, it’s an immense honour to be serving with the hard working team at the Inaugural Session of MVMUN this year. What makes this conference so special is the fact that it is been introduced in a geographical location where the art of supreme diplomacy and extensive research has not been extensively exercised before. I believe that this would be an ideal opening for individuals to look at their future careers once again within a broader perspective taking into account International Relations and Diplomatic Affairs too.


The never-ending bonds one makes and the facts one learns which never thought were true are invaluable and could be extremely useful in the future in the situations one would have least expected them to come in handy.


MVMUN aims to encourage young speakers who possess and do not possess public speaking skills to master this art as a tool which could be utilised in day to day proceedings at the conference.


If one does not get the gist of the whole concept of Model United Nations, the different protocols and mind blowing mandates, please do not be discouraged for it could be challenging for anyone at his or her first go, including myself years ago.


All in all, have fun and don’t just make MVMUN another conference you attend since we will ensure that it will not be the case in your part. Make friends, research well and have a wonderful time at MVMUN.


See you soon Malé.

General Assembly Committees


    General Assembly 1

    First Committee (Disarmament and International Security Committee) is concerned with disarmament and related international security questions.


    General Assembly 2

    Second Committee (Economic and Financial Committee) is concerned with economic questions.


    General Assembly 3

    Third Committee (Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee) deals with social and humanitarian issues.

Other Committees


    World Health Organization

    World Health Organisation’s primary role is to direct and coordinate international health within the United Nations’ system. They place their efforts in health system, communicable and noncommunicable diseases, corporate services pertaining to healthcare, and promoting health through the life-course. Their main concerns lie in global healthcare.


    United Nations Human Rights Council

    United Nations Human Rights Council is a branch of the UN comprised of 47 states, responsible for promoting and protecting global human rights.


    United Nations Environmental Programme

    The United Nations Environmental Program is a United Nations agency thats steers the UN’s environmental objective and labours, in efforts to promote environmental-friendly policies and practices in developed countries as well as corporate industry. Their central efforts are placed in the betterment and sustainment of the environment.


    Economic and Social Council

    The United Nations Economic and Social Council is a key organ of the United Nations that oversees economic, social, financial, and similar work of 15 UN specialised agencies, their functional commissions and the regional commissions.


    Security Council

    United Nations Security Council is one of the important organs of United Nations that are tasked with safeguarding international peace and security; they also oversee the acceptance of new members and approval of amendments to its United Nations Charter.



  • The ambitious girl inspired from her ventures in Colombo, who brought together this entire event with just a simple glimpse of a dream. One cannot imagine the dedication and the effort she can input to one team and yet carry the enthusiasm and positivity. #MVMUN2017 an idea she made her goal, now revolves around her as the journey for the success of her career and this nation as well.

    Alya Ali Rasheed
    Secretary General
  • Through years her voice has been channeling through the air, touching the deepest emotions of all who struggle and providing them with a helping hand. Her fierce actions of boldness and confidence, she is yet to embark on a challenge to inspire and empower the youth of this nation. With the ultimate goal she marks this event her first big leap towards the success of her visions.

    Suha Ali
    Director General
  • Passionate and young, all the way from Sri Lanka he is known for his experience through the UN simulation conferences. He is more than eligible to represent this title in the Secretariat as he is known for his bright and amusing personality, a true friend indeed. Proud to welcome him to our first model united nations, we expect a powerful bond to build a pathway to the history of these simulations.

    Sevinu Mithushaal Athulathmudali
    Charge D' Affairs
  • He stands out as one of the finest young writers the country has ever seen. Through words that cut deeper than a sword, Avsam leaves impressions of empowerment and hope. As a young individual who has fought numerous battles, with a weight of the world on his shoulders, he proves to be an individual who comes back stronger than ever.

    Abdulla Avsam
    Chief Editor
  • A woman of decency and modesty, she brings the conference the moral and importance of discipline as a fellow individual of the conference and the society. A true exemplary charm who is incredibly ferocious towards the obstacles that come her way. Like a white dove in the morning sky, her harmonic representation is the key to a team of pureness and sensitivity.

    Aishath Malsha
    Under Secretary General of Public Relations
  • One of the main keys to our event, his calm and effortless contributions are just extraordinary. Also with the knowledge of his experiences in Colombo, he brings the group a unique feature of strength and togetherness. He is also a responsible and fatherly figure to our team. Unbelievably hilarious he is the power source to the tirelessly running team of MVMUN.

    Ali Sadhin
    Under Secretary General of Finance
  • Our down to Earth and uproaring teammate, whose personality takes over the entire room. She is more than the USG of Logistics to our team, she is our consolation during all times. A companion of solace to this effortless team who has the skills of planning in alters in which we cannot process. A beautiful soul and a kind woman, she is part of our team and a fragment of our lives as well.

    Aminath Rooshan Zuhury
    Under Secretary General of Logistics
  • The posh boy next door with multiple talents up his sleeve. One whom you cannot imagine in a bad mood, he is a presence of happiness who sheds a positive light upon our frustrated nights. His creativity beyond our eyes, painting the face of Maldives Model United Nations for our audience.

    Eidan Asim
    Under Secretary General of Design & Media
  • A long day or night working with the MVMUN team cannot be fulfilled without her giggles. The beginning of inside-jokes and unbreathable laughing sessions, without her MVMUN will be a cemetery of stressed youth individuals. Even with all the amusement, you cannot foresee the hard work and dedication she provides the team and the conference.

    Fathimath Ifa
    Under Secretary General of Administration
  • Samaah Mukhthar, Under Secretary General of Information & Technology

    Samaah Mukhthar
    Under Secretary General of Information & Technology